On December 8, Safar Center Administrative Secretary Fran Mistrick was honored in a special ceremony held in recognition of long serving staff at the University of Pittsburgh led by Chancellor Gallagher.

Fran was recognized for her 40 years of service, and her continued dedication to the educational and research missions of the institution. Fran started work at the University of Pittsburgh in the School of Dentistry in 1975, before moving to the Office of Institutional Studies in the Cathedral of Learning, and eventually coming to work for CPR pioneer Dr. Peter Safar, at the newly founded International Resuscitation Research Center in 1980.

After Dr. Safar passed away in 2003, Fran continued working at the Safar Center for Resuscitation Research, supporting its director, Dr. Patrick Kochanek, serving to oversee the success of the annual Safar Symposium at the University of Pittsburgh, and aiding countless faculty and staff at the Center. Throughout her career, the superlative quality of Fran’s work has only been outshined by her kindness and grace. She has helped the Center reach new heights!

Please join us in congratulating her on this impressive career milestone.