The 2020 Nancy Caroline Fellow Award as the top trainee working at the Safar Center for Resuscitation Research was received by Jessica Jarvis, PhD.  Dr. Jarvis is studying the use of music therapy and its potential utility in the pediatric ICU.  She is being mentored by a multi departmental and multi-institutional team, led by Drs. Ericka Fink and Amy Houtrow.  This year, we had 3 additional outstanding nominees, Andrew Lamade, Dr. Neil Munjal, and Dr. Onome Oghifobibi, from the Pitt Medical School, the Department of CCM, and the Department of Pediatrics, respectively.  The recipient is chosen by a vote of the Associate Directors of the Safar Center.  Congratulations to Dr. Jarvis and to all the nominees.

The Nancy Caroline Fellow Award was established in 2002 as a tribute to Dr. Nancy Caroline, who was one of Dr. Peter Safar’s early fellows and was the lead author of the first manual for paramedics.  She ultimately became known as the “Mother of Paramedics” and contributed enormously to the development of that field.

Previous recipients of the Nancy Caroline Award

2002    Ala Nozari, MD
2003    Xianren Wu, MD
2005    Ericka Fink, MD
2006    Yi-Chen Li, MD
2007    Mioara Manole, MD
2008    Tomas Drabek, MD
2009    David Shellington, MD
2010    James Bales, BS
2011    Alicia K. Au, MD
2012    Samuel Shin, PhD
2013    Steven L. Shein, MD
2014    Corina Bondi, PhD
2015    Dennis W. Simon, MD
2016    Shaun W. Carlson, PhD
2017    Christopher M. Horvat, MD
2018    Raj Kumar, MPH
2019    Alicia M. Alcamo, MD, MPH