Every year, the Safar Center holds a Student Research Day, which gives students and young researchers the opportunity to present their summer projects and findings to the Safar Center faculty and staff. This year’s Student Research Day took place on July 21st. Students from the departments of Neurosurgery, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation covered a range of intriguing research areas such as the role of stress on outcome after TBI, the contribution of autoantibodies to secondary injury or repair after TBI and novel aspects of neuroinflammation after TBI, among other topics. The trainees gave extremely sophisticated presentations and aptly fielded questions.

Our student presenters for this year were Darik O’Neil, Evan Turner, Sushupta Vijapur, Prerna Raganathan, Alexandria Schuster, and Kristen Breslin. The students were mentored by Safar Center faculty members Dr. Corina Bondi, Dr. C. Edward Dixon, and Dr. Amy Wagner.