A collaborative team of investigators from the Safar Center, the University of Pittsburgh Drug Discovery Institute, and Carnegie Mellon University, were recently funded by the state of Pennsylvania for research targeting the development of new therapies for traumatic brain injury (TBI).

The work from the Safar Center is led by Dr. Kochanek, and is part of a larger overarching multi-center program funded by this award that is being led by Dr. David Okonkwo in the Department of Neurological Surgery. The new three-year grant is titled “Biomarkers and Drug Discovery Pipeline of TBI-Related Neurodegeneration.”

This grant also includes a Pittsburgh Undergraduate Research Diversity Program specifically focused on TBI that is being led by Assistant Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences Diversity, Paula Davis. Thanks to Dr. Okonkwo for spearheading this multi-center and multidisciplinary award that addresses a vital area of investigation given the prevalence of TBI and the recognition of its growing link to neurodegenerative diseases.

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