Jessica Jarvis completed her undergraduate degree in music therapy at Nazareth College in Rochester, NY and subsequently practiced as a music therapist for several years within an interdisciplinary team in the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital. Lack of evidence-based rehabilitation approaches for critically ill children and limited knowledge on post-PICU outcomes inspired her to obtain a PhD in rehabilitation sciences. During predoctoral training, she developed skills as an outcomes researcher utilizing large data and secondary data analytics specific to determining trajectories of disability among older adults. She then obtained postdoctoral training to transfer these skills to the pediatric critical care population. This research centered on elucidating long-term functional outcomes for pediatric critical care survivors. Currently, Dr. Jarvis is completing a T32 fellowship in pediatric neurocritical care at the University of Pittsburgh’s Safar Center to develop skills in prospective, clinical research in pediatric critical care.

Dr. Jarvis’s program of research involves two main lines of inquiry: (1) to determine trajectories of functional recovery post-pediatric critical illness for children and their families, using multidisciplinary approaches to provide granular detail on patient and family important rehabilitation outcomes; and (2) to develop mechanistic, nonpharmacologic PICU-based interventions to improve PICU and post-PICU functioning. Her T32 multidisciplinary advisory committee includes internal (Drs. Fink, Houtrow, Kochanek, and Treble-Barna) and external (Dr. Sheri Robb at Indiana University) mentors. Her primary project involves testing a music-based intervention to decrease stress during mechanical ventilation in the PICU, to potentially alleviate the need for sedatives and remediate the psychologic sequelae of pediatric critical illness.


2007-2012 Nazareth College Rochester, NY BM, Music Therapy

Minor in Psychology

2011-2012 Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital Clinical Internship
2013-2017 University of Texas Medical Branch


PhD, Rehabilitation Sciences
2017 – 2019 University of Illinois at Chicago Postdoctoral Associate
2019 – current University of Pittsburgh T32 Postdoctoral Scholar


2018 Conference Scholar Award
Travel award support to present at American Music Therapy Association Conference
2017 Travel Award for Secondary Analysis of Archived Studies
Center for Large Data Research and Data Sharing in Rehabilitation
2017 Pediatric Rehabilitation Poster Award
American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine
2014-2017 Graduate Research Assistant
2009 STARS Award
American Music Therapy Association



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