Marina Levochkina and Tyler ShickAt the 2021 Annual Symposium of the National Neurotrauma Society (NNS), this past July, a total of 6 of the 20 trainee finalists in the award competition were mentees of Safar Center Associate Director, Dr. Amy Wagner. This is a remarkable accomplishment given that there were over 200 trainee abstract submissions to NNS.

Each finalist gave a presentation including Nabil Awan, MS, David Barton, MD , Ian Gober, BS., Marina Levochkina, MPH, Tyler Shick, BS, Leah Vaughan, BS., and each was judged. Two of the six trainees received prestigious trainee awards. The Anthony Marmarou Award was presented to Marina Levochkina, and the David Hovda Award was presented to Tyler Shick.

Finally, A hearty congratulations to these trainees and to Dr. Wagner and her entire research team for representing the Safar Center at the highest possible level.