On January 12, 2023, WQED premiered a 30-minute documentary on Pittsburgh’s own Freedom House Ambulance service—a first of its kind in the country. Freedom House Ambulance: The FIRST Responders features rarely seen images of the first paramedics in the United States comprised largely of African-Americans recruited from Pittsburgh’s Hill District neighborhood. The video features Drs. Peter Safar and Nancy Caroline along with an interview with Mr. Philip Hallen, former President of the Falk Foundation, which supported the project. In addition, the experiences of paramedics John Moon and Mitchell Brown, along with others, are recounted from that era. An encore presentation was shown on January 16, 2023—Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Truly spectacular and a must-see for everyone in Pittsburgh and beyond!

Click here to watch https://www.wqed.org/freedomhouse.