Former Safar Center Member, Raymond (Ray) Griffith, Passes AwayRaymond (Ray) Griffith, a former Safar Center for Resuscitation Research (SCRR) member passed on April 4, 2023.  Ray joined the Safar Center in 1995 and retired from the University of Pittsburgh in 2008.  During his time at the Center Ray made numerous contributions to our research. Ray established the first preclinical behavior testing laboratory at the Safar Center. He supervised many of the functional outcome experiments which provided key data contributing to multiple federal grants. He co-authored multiple manuscripts from his work in the Center. Ray also trained and supervised numerous undergraduate students in preclinical behavioral methods. He co-founded and later became the President of Pittsburgh Precision Instruments, a manufacturer of preclinical TBI devices. Ray was a true gentle man, valued member of the Safar Center family, and is greatly missed.

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