Two new postdoctoral fellows were selected for support this year by our NICHD-funded Training in Pediatric Neurointensive Care and Resuscitation Research T32 program.

Elizabeth Castellano, PhD received her bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from the Miami University in Oxford, Ohio and her PhD in Chemistry and Biochemistry at Duquesne University. She will be carrying out postdoctoral studies under the mentorship of Dr. Hülya Bayır working on lipidomics and lipid signaling in acute brain injury


Jeremy Herrmann, MD received his bachelor’s degree from Williams College, and his MD from the University of Rochester School of Medicine. He is currently a senior fellow in our Pediatric Critical Care Medicine training program. He will be working under the mentorship of Drs. Travis Jackson at the University of South Florida and Dr. Patrick Kochanek, studying novel cold shock proteins as neuroprotectants in neonatal and pediatric brain injury.

Congratulations to Drs. Castellano and Herrmann.