Safar Center investigator Dr. Ruchira Jha, Assistant Professor of Critical Care Medicine, just received a K23 award from NINDS titled “Translational assessment of sulfonylurea receptor-1 (Sur-1) as a biomarker and therapeutic target for cerebral edema in traumatic brain injury (TBI).”

Dr. Jha is developing a precision medicine approach to mitigate the formation of cerebral edema after TBI, in a highly translational series of investigations. Her work on the use of Sur-1 as a biomarker of brain edema, and her studies of genetic polymorphisms of ABCC8, the Sur-1 gene, in patients with severe TBI was published this year in the journals Critical Care Medicine and Neurocritical Care, respectively, and serves as the basis of the grant proposal. She is mentored by Dr. Kochanek, along with Drs. Yvette Conley, Lori Shutter, and David Okonkwo in the Departments of Nursing, CCM, and Neurological Surgery.

Congratulations, Ruchi!