Travis C. Jackson, Ph.D., Awarded a National Scientist Development Grant from the American Heart Association  

Dr. Travis Jackson received a Scientist Development Grant from the American Heart Association, National Affiliate  to continue his investigation of pleckstrin homology domain and leucine rich repeat protein phosphatase 1 (PHLPP1), a potent pro-death signaling regulator, in  brain ischemia. The 4 year study titled “Pharmacological inhibitors of PHLPP1: Novel therapies to treat brain injury after cardiac arrest,” will evaluate several new small-molecule PHLPP1 inhibitors. Last year Dr. Jackson and colleagues reported in the  Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics that several promising novel PHLPP1 inhibitors, although neuroprotective in vitro, lack optimal pharmacology for in vivo translation. In this newly funded study novel candidate inhibitors will be investigated based in part on the need to penetrate the blood brain barrier which is often intact after cardiac arrest. This work may yield a new class of translatable drugs to inhibit PHLPP1 for treatment of cardiac arrest as well as other brain injuries.