Onward and Upward for Graduating Kline Lab Trainees

Five undergraduate trainees mentored Dr. Anthony Kline, Safar Center Associate Director and Associate Professor in the Department of PM&R, graduated this spring. Elizabeth Ogunsanya and Jeffrey Niles will both be attending medical school in the fall. Kristin Free successfully defended her BPhil degree in April, and graduated with honors. The Bphil degree is a unique undergraduate degree that is jointly awarded by the University of Pittsburgh Honors College (UHC) and any undergraduate school or college at Pitt which represents the “home school” of the recipient.  It signifies the highest level of scholarship attainable by an undergraduate student. Anna Greene has joined Teach for America (TFA), which is a non-profit organization affiliated with AmeriCorp national service network. TFA’s mission is to eliminate inequality suffered by millions of kids in low-income communities. Finally, Megan LaPorte will continue in the laboratory as she prepares for graduate school. Everyone in the Safar Center congratulates these highly productive and successful trainees and wishes them the best in these future endeavors. 

Kline Trainees from left to right: Elizabeth Ogunsanya, Jeffrery Niles, Kristin Free, Anna Greene, and Megan LaPorte.