OBTT Awarded $2.99 Million Grant for Extended Studies


The Operation Brain Trauma Therapy (OBTT) research group led by Dr. Patrick Kochanek, Director of the Safar Center was recently awarded a grant by the United States Army to expand its work during its fourth and fifth years of study. The  new grant is titled OBTT-Extended Studies.  OBTT was created in 2011 as a multi-center pre-clinical drug and biomarker screening consortium designed to address the challenge of developing new therapies and serum biomarkers for traumatic brain injury (TBI).  The consortium screens drugs across multiple established pre-clinical models of TBI, and this approach represents an alternative to the traditional single molecular mechanism-targeted strategy supported by NIH.  Based on very favorable reviews of the progress of the investigations to date in OBTT, the Army chose to fund the OBTT-Extended Studies proposal which increases support to allow the study of 5 rather than 3 drugs each future year by the consortium.  Serum biomarkers are also assessed in every experiment, capitalizing on the established consortium and highly reproducible models.  In OBTT studies are ongoing both with drugs already approved for other uses by the FDA and with novel higher risk agents in development.  This raises the total level of support for OBTT to $10.4 million over five years which is unprecedented for pre-clinical investigation in TBI. We are grateful to the United States Army for  their generous support of this unique investigation.  Learn more about OBTT and its investigators here.