Dr. Detlev Boison Visits the Safar Center

The Safar Center was proud to welcome Dr. Detlev Boison as a guest lecturer on February 5th. Dr. Boison, PhD, is the Director of Basic and Translational Research at the Legacy Research Institute, and an Adjunct Professor at the Oregon Health and Sciences University. Dr. Boison’s lecture was titled “Translation Adenosine Research,” and it discussed how various aspects of the adenosine system, including adenosine associated epigenetics mechanisms, are important in TBI and epilepsy. Dr. Boison also served as the external reviewer on undergraduate trainee Matthew Diamond’s Bachelor of Philosophy thesis committee sponsored through the Honors College at the University of Pittsburgh. Matt’s thesis focused on IL-1b biomarker and genetic associations with epilepsy risk after TBI. If would like to learn more about Dr. Boison and his work, you can read his profile here.